New install to USB

  • I currently have a gigabyte brix in my bedroom that I would like to try libreElec on. It currently has windows 10. I am trying to install to usb first to try so that I do not have to wipe my SSD. I used rufus to create an image on one usb stick. I am able to boot to this stick and when I click on install and select the 2nd usb stick that I want to install to it just goes back to the first screen. Any ideas? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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  • FYI, LibreELEC now has its own installer: downloads – LibreELEC

    Regarding your 'bug'...
    Any chance the target USB drive is faulty, perhaps try a different USB stick.
    Or otherwise, try the installer on a different pc/laptop.

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  • I was able to get it. Apparently I am just a retard. Lol. I was just hitting enter on the USB device I was installing too. Once I highlighted the device and tabbed from reboot to ok and clicked ok I was good. Thank you.

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