Big Sur will not allow me to verify download!

  • Big Sur will not allow me to verify download!

    It WILL allow me to drag the icon into my Applications but it's useless! ;(

    I've sorted it (Sys Prefs/Security&Privacy) BUT YOU should have sorted it with Apple so that this crap doesn't impede others; Yes/No?

    I've launched it and I get an Error:

    "PasteBoard: Error creating pasteboard: [-4960]

    PasteBoard: Error creating pasteboard:"

    I'll not use it until I've been "Reviewed"

    AND you've emailed me to tell me so.

    Leaving Tabs open IS one of my failings but making everything like FaceBook is NOT a good idea!!


    I'm NOT a Beginner :P

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  • What does that mean?

    It means that you are a newcomer to this forum, and due to the nature of our (helas necessary) current anti-spam measures, newcomers need to be 'enabled' manually by admins or moderators on this forum. It's nothing personal, but the normal forum procedure.

  • Please post all problems related to the download issues for Big Sur here instead of creating new posts

    So.. We cannot post new posts here, or can we? :P

    The bigger problem is that the original author of the USB-SD Creator tool is no longer available, and that only 1 or 2 Team users have Apple devices to check whether this tool still works at all and as it should.