FLIRC holder for Argon One case for Raspberry Pi

  • I'm posting this here because I notice we have some Argon One users.

    I made a little platform that holds the FLIRC receiver in a somewhat aesthetically pleasing way. This picture shows my Argon One M.2 but the standard Argon One has the same fitment.

    This is an interim solution for FLIRC while I work on getting the built in IR working well.

    This part is posted on Thingiverse, if anyone wants it.

    FLIRC holder for Argon One Raspberry Pi case by TomB19 - Thingiverse

  • What’s your issue with the builtin IR receiver?

    I’m a big fan of Flirc would be great to get one integrated into the argon case.

  • I have the argon one case, installeed a ir receiver on it.. but couldnt figure out how to make it work.. i stole the bluetooth remote from mibox and could set it up perfectly.. but still hope to make the ir work.. i just dont have the skills

    edit.. turn out im stupid and didnt installed the receiver properly.. now the ir is working very well