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    I also tried switching the HDMI cable to the other port, as well as creating an EDID file for both monitors.

    Please understand how much I appreciate the help. I've never dug this deep into LE so I'm ignorant of the details but it's nice to learn more about the system.

    Without this change, the screen stays black. With this change, it shows the LE version and hangs. So, it is one step closer to working.

    This is the bottom of the config.txt

    I can confirm that /storage/.config/ does not run when the Pi is started before the TV is powered up.

    Is there a way to launch a script that is not blocked if LE doesn't find a monitor? Also, if LE is going to block on a no monitor event, how come it doesn't keep trying to discover a monitor every few seconds and then launch the platform if it discovers one?

    For various reasons, it takes my TV 15 seconds to turn on and LE thinks it is not connected to a monitor until that time. At the moment, I have to unplug the Pi4 and then reconnect when the TV turns on before starting the system or it won't come up. It's hugely annoying.

    Here is what it looks like when it works.

    HTPC1:~/.config # tvservice -s
    state 0x120009 [HDMI CEA (95) RGB lim 16:9], 3840x2160 @ 30.00Hz, progressive

    Is there a script that won't get blocked waiting for monitor discovery? Even better, is there a way to have it retry every few seconds until it finds something?


    I just upgraded two identical devices to v10.0b1 with the argon utilities, mysql, etc.

    The first installed exactly as expected and operated perfectly from the first boot.

    The second would reload Kodi when I try to play any video file. This behavior stops when I remove the tag </advancedsettings> from the file: /storage/.kodi/userdata/advancedsettings.xml. The first box works fine with this tag in place. Both were created from the same downloaded image and there is no difference in hardware.

    Very odd.

    Further clarity: The </advancedsettings> tag does not cause the rPi4b to reboot, but Kodi restarts. It has always been so. I mis-reported it in the first post.

    I just took your XML file, changed the server, user, pass and it did the same thing. When I try to play a file, Kodi restarts. Remove the </advancedsettings> and it works fine.

    Very odd. I'm running a nightly build.

    LibreELEC (community): nightly-20210302-73c0ce6 (RPi4.arm)

    I will try 10.0b1 and see what happens.

    My advancedsettings.xml file looks like this, but without the final close tag.

    I created the file: /storage/.kodi.userdata/advancesettings.xml

    When the file ends with the tag, "</advancedsettings>", kodi will reboot when I try to play a video.

    It seems odd that it works when I drop the close advancedsettings tag. I discovered this by accident. All examples I've seen have the </advancedsettings> tag.

    Is this normal? Am I doing something wrong? Appreciate any thoughts on this!

    I'm posting this here because I notice we have some Argon One users.

    I made a little platform that holds the FLIRC receiver in a somewhat aesthetically pleasing way. This picture shows my Argon One M.2 but the standard Argon One has the same fitment.

    This is an interim solution for FLIRC while I work on getting the built in IR working well.

    This part is posted on Thingiverse, if anyone wants it.

    FLIRC holder for Argon One Raspberry Pi case by TomB19 - Thingiverse

    Thank you for this educational thread. I learned a lot.

    For what it's worth, I could never get my 4GB pi 4b to run without audio stuttering on most of my content. It wasn't a huge deal but annoying to have the audio drop out for a couple of seconds every few minutes.

    I switched to a nightly image some months ago and never looked back. It's been perfect.

    Index of /

    sh, I'm glad you got it working.

    For what it's worth, I've switched my LibreELEC machines to M.2 SSD drives. With current firmware, a Pi will boot from a USB 3 attached drive. It's super fast and you don't have to worry about your SD cards flaking out over time. Even a low end SSD can handle a lot more write cycles than a TF card.

    As a bonus, it boots much faster from SSD. UI response seems about the same though, even when it is accessing the library. My library is small so perhaps I probably wouldn't notice a library speed improvement unless it was huge.

    I doubt it can power on the pi from remote, as there are reports of it being connected to GPIO 23. Perhaps if the pi is just in standby....

    GPIO 23 wouldn't work, as that's SCLK according to the pinout displayed on the case:

    Argon One Mini Computer: first build | RaspTut : Articles and tutorials for  the Raspberry Pi

    Unless you mean the pin labeled #23, which would then be GPIO 16.

    I meant GPIO 23 which is on pin 16, just as I wrote.

    I haven't tried it, so I have no direct knowledge. That info comes from here.

    Argon One case with IR receiver and LIRC - Raspberry Pi Forums

    BTW, why are my posts being moderated?