Nightbuild on Mecool KIII Pro

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    I'm not aware of any issues with CEC. It wasn't working for a whlie recently due to a wrong kernel config option but that got spotted and fixed. I don't use it myself though so it's always unknown territory.

    I can see the correct BT firmware is loaded now. I'll be dropping you an email to ask for permission to use a real-name and email address for "Tested-by" signature when I send the device-tree and keymaps upstream to the kernel.

  • Today I tested my Mecool KIII Pro with test build 9.95.2, but internal tuner is not works.

    I use my device for watch dvb-t and dvb-s channels, and i hope it will be updated for offical build LE.

    This is log file, if it can help somebody:

  • so basically all the boxes s905/912 with built in tuner are completely abandoned now, LE and CE not gonna make a support for the next version of kernel/kodi. missing idea of supporting hundreds of same boxes with only one ability to play online content.

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    as long nobody does the drivers there is not too much we can do

    thats the downside of old device kernels (7 years old) that have no proper support "upstream", you can throw away your device because it doesn't work anymore with newer stuff

    same will happen with every new device that just ships some bsp kernel and has no upstream drivers available

  • it is really a pity, these boxes with S912 cpu works very well with system with KODI 18.9 and to get information . I tested Libreelec with KODI 19 (thanks to chewitt) and also works (wtihout dvb tuner), but what I seen now no planned further support for this and soon it will be useless.

    If CoreElec can give support for device Mecoll KII Pro (S905D) which one is similar (dvb tuner) with KIII Pro (S912), why is not possible to use driver from KII to KIII?

    If somebody would like to give a support and make the driver, I ready to make a test with my Mecool KIII Pro.

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    Amlogic never licensed the Linux "libmali" libs for the T820 GPU in the S912 boxes and the hack to reuse the Android libs has a perfomance impact that was borderline on older Kodi versions and not really usable with K19 and future K releases. LE avoids that by using the FOSS drivers (which are not compatible with the ancient kernels CE uses) but that's a different can of worms.

    Sure. There are lots of people wanting/willing to test but nobody has shown interest in writing a driver. As the FOSS development community around Amlogic chips is miniscule (CE contributing to non-upstream vendor/BSP codebases doesn't really advance FOSS) nothing is moving forwards.

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    Panfrost works fine on a mainline kernel, but the drivers use a range of kernel features that simply don't exist in the legacy 4.9 kernel that Amlogic ships and CE depends upon. It's a bit of a "between a rock and a hard place" situation.