Pi 4 - Using both HDMI slots possible?

  • Hi all,

    is it with LE 10 possible to use both HDMI slots?

    In my case i need the first one to connect directly to my TV.

    The second one only für Passthrough Audio to my Receiver.

    (No, i dont want to use ARC cause just DD and DTS)

    Is this possible?

  • Yes this should be possible (TV won't get audio if you configure it to second HDMI port). The Receiver needs to be active so Kodi can detect it at (re)start. Did not test it on recent LE 9.80 Nightly but it was working like this couple months ago.

  • I test this and it works particular (sometimes not correct HDR color representation)

    But if i wirte in config hdmi_enable_4kp60=1 i get no pictures on my TV....

  • 4K60 modes are not supported in the LE10 nightly images. Some optimisation is required to achieve it, and it is being actively worked on.

  • Now here I have a CEC question.

    I have the Raspberry Pi 4 connected to the TV (main HDMI port) as well as my soundbar (2nd HDMI port) for HD audio as it does not support eARC. On the TV when I change to HDMI input where the pi is, the soundbar is still on 'TV', meaning i have to use the soundbar remote to change the soundbar HDMI output. Is there any way to automate it or use a CEC command so I don't have reach for the soundbar remote?