Why no RPI community forum?

  • RPI4 seems to be very popular lately, especially when you compare the price to some of the new boxes.

    So why on RPI4 community? Posts are scattered all over the place.

    Raspberry Pi 4, Harmony Remote, GPIO IR

  • The "community" sections were originally created so there was an area for community builders creating unofficial images (for new unsupported H/W) to encourage their efforts and we organised the forum by SoC type to contain things. Over time some of those unofficial efforts became official but the threads didn't relocate and the categories are now sort-of wrong. At some point we need to clean things up a bit :)

  • Great! So why not create hardware based sub-forums today and move all Raspberry PI content to it this week?:)

    But seriously, it would consolidate the content and allow for hardware specific stickies.


    Raspberry Pi 4, Harmony Remote, GPIO IR