Pi4 LibreELEC not able to find DNS

  • Hi community,

    There are quite a few similar, yet different problems around in this forum: I am not able to establish internet connection when using my static IP address.

    I have spent a long time setting up the Pi4 and even longer to find a solution online, however without success.

    I got the following settings:

    • static IP address
    • DNS defined as and
    • in the settings I set a limit of 30 seconds to await booting, until the network connection is established
    • The device is connected to the web ("online" and earth icon)

    This actually looks all good, right? If I look at the clock I can see that there was no sync, using YouTube or other apps does not work either - due to the lack of internet connection ...

    Now the fun part:

    If I connect my phone (hotspot), hence not static IP, no specific DNS I am able to use all the addons (time syncs immediately too). Turning off the phone hotspot and re-connecting to the Wifi again gives me... proper connection. I am then able to use the services I just called through the hotspot connection through Wifi /shrug

    In other words, the Pi 4 seems to "remember" how to resolve netflix.com or youtube.com from the previous phone connection, and then works in the wifi too - until rebooted.

    If I restart the device, it is no name resolving (but "online" in network settings) all over again. Settings are as described above, but the pi is not able to communicate outside the local network.

    This behavior makes me assume, that the pi is not able to resolve the url or contact the DNS.

    I am far from an expert, so please just let me know if I mixed things up, or made myself not clear enough.

    Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot

  • No idea what the issue is (and no logs provided) but I'd suggest to use DHCP with a static address reservation in the router.

  • "journalctl | more" will show you boot and system logs, Kodi log shows only what Kodi is doing.

  • thanks chewitt and apologies for the delayed reply!

    It seems that the device cached the old settings from the initial network ( the raspberry was set up in a network without any network restrictions ) and then could not handle other network.

    While I could not determine the original problem, setting up the device in the network where it is used may be the safest way to go.

    If anyone has some commands that allow resetting all network related settings, it might be a great thing to share here for future visitors encountering similar issues.