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    Quick tip I got from one of the forums long ago that should be added to remote config file creation tutorial.

    Rebooting the box every time you want to test the remote gets real old real fast. Type this into your SSH terminal window every time you saved and are ready to test:

    remotecfg /storage/.config/nameofyourremotefile.conf

    In my case it was called test remote so I typed in remotecfg /storage/.config/testremote.conf

    So I answered my own question and determined it is a Matricom G-Box Q remote. Couldn't find a remote so I made my own config that you can find attached. Everything works as it should.

    I also included the remotesecond.conf file with the factory_infcode=1 added so you can use it as a second remote.


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    Dear community,

    Am I being rude or inappropriate when I ask questions here? Twice I asked detailed questions and to no answers. Please tell me if I breached etiquette in some way.

    Now my question:

    I have two OTT XT-S812-V10 AP6330 boxes that i'd like to install LE on. They are definitely M8M2-n200C. I finally managed to find working ROMS from Ghostware that worked PERFECTLY. LAN, Wireless, Bluetooth, etc.

    I used CPU-Z and it reported Total RAM at 1580 MB and internal storage at 4.81GB. Is this normal?

    I tried all of Demetris' builds and the closest I got was with the S8X2.arm-8.2-M*S-PLUS.img. Everything proceeds normally until the Libreelec (community): 8.2 screen is displayed, then it goes black.

    Is this something to do with the .nocompat? If so how does one go about applying that if it's a first install? Is it already in the latest builds?

    All help appreciated.

    I have 2 OTT XT-S812-V10 AP6330 boxes that i'd like to install LE on. The issue I am having is finding a god OEM ROM for them. I have a lollipop one where everything works except for the ethernet port and another lollipop one where all the hardware works except it will only boot from the SD card. My questions are:

    1) Does it matter if the image is not perfect? Will the right version of LE fix it?

    2) What is the correct version of LE to use for this box?

    3) If I can only boot to recovery, how can I update for external with LE? TWRP? Anything easier?

    Thank you

    I've been reading this thread all day. After months of trying I finally got an older version of Balbes150 M8S build booted on my OTT M8S S812 BCM4335 box. I updated to his latest build but have no WiFi.

    My questions are:

    1) How do I replace it with the latest Demetris build? Keep in mind I could not get the boot via toothpick until recently.

    2) Can I just put the img (not tar) in the update folder?

    3) What Demetris version should I use for the M8S?

    4) Do any of Demetris' builds support BCM4335?


    I just ran through this because I had the same issue but the cause is different. My Toshiba TV had a Viera link that automatically turns off all devices. I needed to turn it off, it had nothing to do with remote.

    Many TV's have a similar function to power off HDMI connected device so make sure the function is off.

    I need to access the addon directory. Not the userdata but the actual addon directory. I looked through root and couldn't find it.

    Can someone give me the directory path?

    I modified my samba directory and enabled show hidden files.

    I need to start from scratch. What is the easiest way to make sure I have the cleanest install? Do I just put the full version in the upgrade folder?

    I am currently running the latest version but am having lots of issues (instability, guide, reboots, etc.) whereas my other identical box runs perfectly.

    A little off topic but wondering if someone can help me with a frustrating problem. I have 2 identical spec 905x boxes running the latest version of kszaqs builds and nearly identical set ups. I am running Potato TV and Simple IPTV client. both boxes play live TV perfectly and have accurately populated guides.

    I created a channel list and saved my tv29.db file so I could restore it in case I mistakenly crushed it. I then copied it to the database folder on both boxes. On one box it works perfectly, on the other, the channel manager shows that all the right channels have been deactivated but they still appear. Whats even stranger, the groups guide is only partially populated. I did notice that the tv29.db file gets overwritten on the problematic box for some reason.

    I tried every combination of clearing possible and am at my wits end.

    Any Ideas?
    What are the latest and greatest video playback settings or modifications? I can't seem to play 1080p properly on one of my boxes. It's not a bandwidth issue because one box plays fine.

    BTW, it might be a good idea to put a build specific tips and tricks section in the 1st post to get the latest optimization settings.

    I am using live TV on 2 Librelec Android boxes that are identical in setup. Bith are on the latest version and use Potato TV and Simple IPTV for guide info.

    I have a channel list that I created and copied to both boxes. One of them works perfectly and the other seems to scramble it. The box with the issue does not seem to accept the tv29.db file and seems to merge it with something else.

    I have cleared and reset until I am blue in the face. Is there some other vestige that I need to erase?

    Thank you.

    I did have it running on a build from bengic. Are you saying I can just update with a Demetria build after? Bengic stopped last December but got up to Kodi 17 rc1.

    Everything worked well, including wifi. If I use the bengic build and update to demetris will I lose wifi?

    Still cant install on my M8S 2Gb/8GB with BCM4335 running Kit kat 4.4. I tried everything under the sun including TWRP, .im, .zip upgrade, .gz SD card. Spent over 2 weeks trying anything from obvious to ridiculous. I had to unbrick about 11 times so far. I realize there is no wifi support but I don't care.

    Anyone have any ideas or even a clear step by step process that works on theses boxes?