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    I set up my box about a month ago on an RPI4 and it works perfectly on my computer screen but not my old TV. I looked in the whitelist and cant find 1080P 30 frames. How do I add it?

    Also, where do I turn off HDR?

    I had the same issue with the Pi4b in the Argon M.2 case. Use the other hdmi port and boot with TV on. MIne's been working flawlessly for weeks now.

    I have an Argon box which I successfully installed the 9.2.6 on. This is what I did:

    1) Downloaded 9.2.6 image for RPI4

    2) Removed the USB SSD bridge that connect Argon's SSD to RPI4 USB

    3) Plugged in USB from my Mac to the bottom portion of the Argon case that contains SSD

    4) Used Balena Etcher to write the image

    5) Reconnected bridge and rebooted

    And everything worked first shot.

    I tried the EXACT same procedure with the nightly build LibreELEC-RPi4.arm-10.0-nightly-20210227-9c75e28 and it dies.

    It rebooted 3 times and then the screen goes black. Is there another config needed somewhere?

    Ok so it looks like the right hdmi port (when looking from front of box) has an issue booting on a monitor, could be an audio thing. When I booted with left HDMI it worked.

    Great! So why not create hardware based sub-forums today and move all Raspberry PI content to it this week?:)

    But seriously, it would consolidate the content and allow for hardware specific stickies.


    I had a look at the Argon ONE install script. The location of argononed.conf is wrong. Move it to /storage:

    mv /storage/.config/argononed.conf /storage

    It looks like they fixed the script because mine installed in the right place, in case anyone is wondering

    I'm using the LE10 nightlies. Already tried editing the config based on this thread. But still not working. Changing it to always on also not working.

    Config should be in /storage right?

    Does using LE10 affect it?


    You can send commands to the ArgonOne controller over I2C, see Argon-ONE-i2c-Codes.

    Good to hear, that the IR is working fine. Is On/Off via IR also working?

    Off works but it's a full shutdown so you need to press the button to turn it on after you use it. I need to figure out which mode it should be on for sleep mode.

    I installed a new GeekPI fan and it was a bit of work, I had to solder on power leads and cut 4 screws because the fan is thinner than the OEM fan. It is WAY less annoying at full speed.

    I should have mentioned that the GPIO pin is 23, not 18 so fix that first in your config.

    You don’t need to follow my guide by the way, but you can use the key table file if you want to use a harmony.

    I think all you need to do is install Raspberry Pi tools and system tools (I think that’s the file) from Libreelec repo. Then you use the Argon one script. I will amend my guide to include the argon one but not sure when I will have time.

    I will try and respond tomorrow with a better post when I get all the info together.

    did you check the temperature of your RPi4. Below 55 degrees, the FAN is not running, 10% bewlow 60 degrees )you will not hear), 55% speed above 60 degrees and on full speed above 65 degress. The configuration is in the file /etc/argonone.conf file.

    I lowered all my settings by 10 degrees but as I said, it now magically works. No idea what changed, I swear.

    You can send commands to the ArgonOne controller over I2C, see Argon-ONE-i2c-Codes.

    Good to hear, that the IR is working fine. Is On/Off via IR also working?

    That is very cool but I never shut down my boxes. My computer is the same, it is always on or sleeping. Still cool that you can actually power down. Maybe I will use the soft sleep if it doesn't have to reboot but I can't experiment right now, the box is in pieces waiting for proper fans that I hope to get today.

    My case also had a broken standoff. I wrote the company and they didn't respond so I guess it's going back to Amazon for a replacement. I will update my IR guide and files in the showcase forum to include the codes in my remote map if it works nicely.

    No I’m not using nightlies but now it works all of a sudden. Welcome to crazy town.

    As people have already said, the fan is ridiculously loud. Replacing it is a pain because most 30mm fans come with the usual jumper leads. Trying to crimp a little connector on those would be a nightmare, I’ll most likely solder it in place.

    I ordered some GeekPi fans which I hope will fix the problem. My previous Smraza fans were inaudible. It’s sad that such a beautiful and expensive enclosure fell flat on its face when it comes to a cooling fan. Isn’t cooling its claim to fame?

    I just set mine up but can't control the fan by temp. I know this was written sometime ago and I'm wondering if things have improved. Here's where I'm at:

    1. Installed Kodi
    2. Installed System Tools
    3. Installed Raspberry PI Tools
    4. Installed Argon scripts: curl | bash
    5. I also ran the Argon utility and set fan to off, then back to on, maybe that's where I went wrong
    6. Button and IR works perfectly so I know the scripts did their job, problem is fan stays off.

    I did check that the script was in the correct place but I also read that there may be 2 scripts. Any ideas?