Choppy h265 on RPi2

  • Hey folks, just switched from OE to LE after being a happy OE user for a couple of years. Long live LIBREelec!

    Neither OE nor LE will play h265 on my pi2 without a lot of frame drop. All other video plays perfectly.

    Any thoughts or tips? Should I buy a decoder license like on the rpi1?

    Many thanks.


  • on my pi3 all my .265 files have out of sync audio issues. probably just not enough processing power.

  • None of the Raspberrys have a hardware decoder for h265, so there is no license you could buy. With a RPi3 and the current LE build you can watch some (low quality) h265 videos. If you really want to watch high quality h265 videos a Raspberry simply won't do.

  • The Raspbery Pi has not enough processing power for h.265. And there is no license available for h.265.

    You will need a processor with hardware h.265 decoder, or just a fast processor. The RPi is just not good enough.

    Most recent Intel processors have a h.265 decoder. I use a Celeron n3150, but a Celeron n3000 is also good.

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    Alternatively, an Odroid C2 could be a good replacement once the bugs are finally squashed.