32-Bit libreELEC (NEED HELP)

  • Support for i386 hardware was dropped between OpenELEC v5 and v6 in 2015 and the first LibreELEC release was v7 in 2016. It is probably possible to create a 32-bit Generic image as a large percentage of the build-system is still used with 32-bit ARM devices, but there are no instructions to follow, probably no willing volunteers stepping forwards, and even if you managed to jump through a lot of hoops to get a working image, running it on ageing hardware (10-15 years old?) usually isn't great - a Raspberry Pi Zero is probably better.

  • Is it possible to compile the latest version to work with i386

    No, not unless you really know how to develop and compile for 32bit. LibreELEC has said goodbye to 32bit years ago, as did the Linux developers in general. Look at most of the the "big" Linux distro companies: 32bit is a thing of the past.