No sound on Rasperry Pi 4

  • I have a new Raspberry Pi 4 and I can not get any sound from HDMI. I get no sound from videos or from MP3s. I have GUI sounds enabled, nothing.

    I set output to both HDMI & Audio Jack, the audio jack works.

    I know there is no problem with the HDMI cable, I tried running Raspberry OS, and I was able to play a MP3 thru the HDMI cable.

    I have LibreELEC installed on a Chromebox. I compared the guisettings.xml files and I didn't see anything obvious.

    Also I picked up a cheap Westinghouse TV on Black Friday. I get no signal when I connect the Pi4 to it. I tried 3 different cables, nothing. I get output when I connect my laptop to it :)

  • Are you using the HDMI port closest to the power plug (HDMI0)?

    I cant get any sound from mine if i don't use that port, even tried a clean reinstall with HDMI plugged into HDMI1 port but still no joy so i have came to the conclusion that it is only used as an additional display port for running 2 monitors and sound will only ever come out the one closest to the power adapter.

    Remember to add the line below to the config.txt if you want to use 4k resolution




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  • I was not using the HDMI closest to the power input. That fixed one issue.

    I'm not too sure what wrong with my 720p Westinghouse TV. I get nothing from the Pi4. I assume it is sending a signal that the TV does not understand. Is there a way to force the Pi4 use a specific video signal?

  • Look in the tv manual at the HDMI port section, make sure your using the correct HDMI port on the tv that supports CEC and it should just work.

    Failing that use the link below to set custom modes depending on your settings.

    Raspberry Pi Documentation

    Good Luck