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    I did a fresh install of LE 9.0.1 on a Chromebox. I'm using MariaDB on Synology, where I have all my media stored.

    When I play a video I am getting a lot of buffering. The Chromebox is connected via Ethernet.

    Any database query are also slow. I have a NFS mount and I can play the same video with no buffering.

    I also have Kodi installed on Windows 10, using the same MariaDB and video sources and I have no buffering, even on WiFi.

    I know kodi gets media info, audio & video statistics, from the video file when it plays. After upgrading to LE 9.0.2 I no longer see the correct aspect ratio of movies in movie info panel.

    Previous played movies show the correct aspect ratio, but after I play the video, and kodi update the video stats, I loose the aspect ration information. I see the correct aspect ratio when I select info when the movie is playing.



    This happens with movies I have played before, so I don't think it's an issue with the file itself. I get the same result if I switch to a different skin. I am also loosing information about subtitles in the detailed movie view.

    I looked at the movie table view in MariaDB, but didn't see anything obvious.

    Yes NFS is an option, but I wanted to know why SMB wasn't working :)

    I've discovered on that there is a SMB performance bug in the 4.19 kernel. You need to /flash/extlinux.conf and add pci=nomsi

    the /flash filesystem is read-only so you'll need to remount it: mount -o remount,rw /flash

    1. DEFAULT linux
    2. PROMPT 0
    3. LABEL linux
    5. APPEND boot=LABEL=System disk=LABEL=Storage quiet pci=nomsi

    Hope this helps anyone havin SMB performance issues, it worked for me.

    Upgraded to LE 9.0.0, all of my media is on Synology that I access via SMB.

    Synology is configured as:

    Minimum SMB Protocol: SMB1

    Maximum SMB Protocol: SMB3

    On LE:

    Minimum SMB Protocol: SMB1

    Maximum SMB Protocol: SMB3

    I am using a wired connection and I am getting lots of buffering of files that played correctly on LE 8.

    I tried setting Maximum Protocol to SMB3 on LE, with the same results. /shrug

    BTW I'm running LE on a ChromeBox

    I would like to run some SQL queries in a python script on my LibreELEC box but I can not figure out what library to use.

    I tried


    import MySQLdb

    import mysql.connector

    I can not seem to find documentation about how to install python module on LibreELEC. I know the OS is read only. Any help would be appreciated.

    If you run "systemctl stop kodi.service" then delete the skin files and "systemctl start kodi.service" it should default back to confluence. If not, pastebin a full log so we can see what's really going on.

    Just as a follow up. I needed to remove the corresponding skin folder for the upgrade to continue. After the upgrade I restored the folder and upgraded the skin in the repo.

    I'm upgrading to 7.95.3, and it's hanging at the Add-on migration step. I'm seeing this in the kodi log

    I posted this error on skin developer's thread on, but I just wanted to post it here also. Will the upgrade process give up eventuality and continue? It hasn't done anything for 30 minutes. I guess I have downgrade and do a restore.

    The System->Video->Clean library is not removing all of my deleted files. I have 10 episodes from a TV show that have been deleted, that are still in MySQL.

    There is 12 or more files that no longer on my NAS. These files were never part of my movie or tv library, just files I play on kodi. AFAIK these files are only stored in 2 tables, I'm guessing kodi is saving the video resume & played status and nothing else.

    I did a fresh build of MySQL database 3 or 4 months ago, not really sure why deleted files are still showing up in the database.

    I have some entries in MySQL where the file no longer exists. I used the clean database feature in Kodi, and the entries are still there.

    I can select the file using


    SELECT * FROM files RIGHT JOIN path ON path.idPath = files.idPath WHERE files.idPath = 372

    I know I can use a select to delete table rows, but I'm getting an error.

    When I run this in MyPHPAdmin, I see


    Current selection does not contain a unique column. Grid edit, checkbox, Edit, Copy and Delete features are not available.

    I did a quick Google on the error message, and people are talking about a missing index, but both tables have a primary key. Plus I don't want to change table scheme. Any suggestions?

    MySQL error 101=network in unreachable.

    This gave me the clue I needed. When I logged into kodi, I wan able to ping and ssh to my server, so my network was up.

    I change LE to "Wait for network before starting kodi" didn't need this before. Once I set it everything was back up

    Ping works fine, and I can connect to the MySQL server form my desktop using PHPMyAdmin. The server is ubuntu (LTS 16.04.1) it is running MySQL 5.7.13.

    Is there anyway to test the MySQL connection from the command line?

    I am not able to connect to my remote MySQL database running on an Ubuntu server


    15:36:24 T:140117900314688 ERROR: Unable to open database: MyVideos99 [2003](Can't connect to MySQL server on '' (101))

    I can ping the server and when I telnet to port 3306, I get a response back



    I've been using MySQL for several months with no problems. I replaced my router today and all the systems on the network still have their old IP address. The user kodi has permission to connect from any host in MySQL.

    Here is my advancedsettings.xml

    None of the changes I made to the settings on Kodi or the TV would correct the overscan issue. I decied to bite the bullet and do a fresh install. That worked great, 1080p videos played fine.

    Once everything was set up to my liking I decided to check the Wiki for any tweaks to the Chromebox Chromebox - Official Kodi Wiki.

    BOOM! my over scan issue was back. I discovered that System-->Settings-->Videos-->Playback: Adjust display refresh rate: is off by default. If it's set to anything else, I got the overscan problem.

    My guess this was how it was before I upgrade to LE 7.0.1. Just thought I would report my findings for anyone else, thanks for your help.