​I know there is currently no support for HDR but when you play a file will it be displayed properly in SDR?

  • I haven't noticed anything out of the ordinary when playing 10bit files on my Pi4B.

    Yeah me either. I tried searching for answer but got conflicting answers, some people say the colours would be washed because it doesn't remap HDR to SDR.

  • I believe HDR will not be mapped properly when played so you will get washed out colors. It will play the file, it just won't be color accurate.

    Piggybacking on the OP question, is 4K 10bit SDR h.265 a supported output that will display properly?

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  • In LE 9.2 there is no support for HDR in the RPi4 image so HEVC files will play with washed out colours. It's currently the same in LE10 dev images but we're nearing the point where some of the plumbing for HDR falls into place, and then we can start figuring out how to use shaders to remap colours so HDR > SDR works on non-HDR screens.