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    Have you tried:

    vc4.inval_delay=0 vc4.cec_debug=0x100

    I found that worked better for me overall.

    Yes, this build matches 10.0.2 and you can continue using it. Please confirm if vc4.inval_delay=2000 also works for you.

    Also report if vc4.inval_delay=0 vc4.cec_debug=0x100 works for you.

    vc4.inval_delay=5000 and vc4.inval_delay=2000 both appear to prevent my TV/AVR from turning back on after shutdown. However there is some issues with the TV recognizing ARC as default with these settings and I will have to switch it back to ARC from internal speakers.

    vc4.inval_delay=0 vc4.cec_debug=0x100 also works in preventing unwanted power on, but does not appear to have the above problem with preventing the initial ARC handshake. I am using this setting in cmdline.txt for now and haven't run into any issues.

    I installed your test build and the 'vc4.inval_delay=5000' added to the cmdline.txt appears to have resolved the issue in my setup. That is with an LG C9 and Yamaha TSR-7810 AVR with the Rpi4 plugged into the AVR using CEC over the ARC HDMI connection. Thanks for looking into this issue! Does this test build include the updates from 10.0.2 and is it safe to continue running or do you recommend that I revert back until your fix is rolled into the next release?

    Why are you guys choosing to ignore an easily repeatable issue likely affecting an at least substantial minority (seemingly anyone with an avr/soundbar/projector using CEC, so maybe a majority) of your own user base? What else can we do to help you resolve the issue? Logs are listed in that thread with no response. People DID provide feedback, including to your patch attempt before release. Please reconsider fixing this issue so that it doesn't affect LibreELEC into official version 11, as it's already in the nightlies. Thanks for your work on this project, it's always appreciated.

    Sorry about that! I did it again above, I'll be more cognizant of it next time. You have a fair point for sure. Let me know if there's anyway I can help. Thanks again for your work!

    I've since confirmed the bug still exists and is repeatable since my last post.

    I would guess that a large percentage of LibrELEC users who are interested in the newest builds due to the inclusion of proper HDR are also utilizing more modern 4K HDR TVs and setups with ARC/eARC and CEC integration for high fidelity audio solutions. From the various replies in this thread it doesn't appear to be brand specific on either the TV/projector or AVR/soundbar, but related to general CEC power sync. My guess is that people aren't being vocal, but a lot are affected. Whatever you guys need to help troubleshoot this, I'll help as best as I can. It definitely worked as expected in version 10.0.0, from 10.0.1 on something changed, hopefully it only requires a small tweak.

    The fact work was done on this, and a test build was provided and no one commented for over a month makes us believe this isn't a high priority issue. Effort can be better spent on issues where we get some response.

    I'm new to this so bear with me. I tried the previous patch and indicated here that it did not fix the issue. Where in the future would you like feedback/response? Is this something I would have to do on Github?


    Posting to confirm that this behavior has not been resolved by 10.0.2. Is this just something that isn't considered an issue? It works fine with 10.0.0 and has now been broken in the last 2 releases. It is a repeatable bug and has been confirmed by multiple users. Really hoping that it's on the radar to be addressed. Thanks for the hard work you guys are putting in, other than that 10.0.2 seems great!

    *Edit: This may be premature. I'm going to run some more testing tomorrow to confirm if the bug still exists.

    I did as you suggested and posted my experience in that thread. If you mean to say that an experimental patch to address this issue is included in your builds then it appears that it doesn't fix the issue, at least in my relatively normal AVR/TV setup using the build you posted above. Hopefully, a developer with an AVR can figure this out for inclusion in the next 10.0.2 release. Thanks again for your help.

    I also experience this exact issue with an LG C9 and Yahama TSR-7810 AVR. It is 100% due to the change from 10.0.0 to 10.0.1. Disabling CEC power sync on the TV prevents it from occurring and reenabling and downgrading to 10.0.0 goes back to normal expected behavior. I have also made sure all CEC settings are correct so that there should be no signal to turn the TV back on after it's been manually shut down. This is a very frustrating bug and I hope that it can be addressed for 10.0.2. The HDR improvements are very desirable, but this bug breaks significant functionality regarding home theatre and trigger setups.

    I have also tried your latest build with the fix above and it did not resolve the issue in my setup.


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    Running it for the afternoon, unfortunately it has the same issue as 10.0.1 where it keeps powering my AVR/TV back on after shutdown.

    I don't want to revert back to 10.0.0 and lose the HDR improvements, but it's an incredibly frustrating bug. I've seen this reported several times in the forums and I've been hoping that 10.0.2 will finally address it while keeping the HDR improvements. Is this a difficult issue to remedy? What changed between 10.0.0 and your dev version/10.0.1 that can't be switched back regarding AVR/TV CEC power?

    Either way I appreciate your work and attempt to provide a working dev version.

    I had the exact same issue and this resolved it. Thanks for posting!