system.d Problems mounting NAS

  • I've tried using CIFS and NFS but neither working. Here is the log:

    For CIFS to mount onto directory "NAS"


    Description=cifs mount script










    Enabled using PuTTY "systemctl enable storage-nas.mount"


    For NFS (onto a different directory "NSA")


    Description=nfs mount script onto NSA










    Enabled using PuTTY "systemctl enable storage-nsa.mount"

    I don't really mind which is used. The NAS can only run Samba v1.0 which I guess would make the NFS method preferable?. The NAS is fixed IP address.

    Any help much appreciated.

  • Thanks but it's a ZyXEL NSA325v2. It only supports Samba v1.0 but also NFS.

    With CIFS the error is "permission denied". But I don't understand why when I can see the files on there when I browse for new share under "Windows network (SMB)". However I need to be able to mount the drive.

    (The error with NFS mount is "Invalid Argument")

  • NFS is not SMB, use What=

    Thanks, that gave me "Permission Denied" so getting closer.

    I went back into the NAS which said the NFS Share full path for Volume1 is:


    So I changed system.d to:


    That gave me a report that said: LibreELEC systemd[1]: Mounted nfs mount script onto NSA (i.e. no errors?)

    I assumed that was ok and that I would be able to access the NAS from /storage/nsa, but there's nothing in there - just 3 dots.

    So I how do I see the files on the NAS? Sorry for the dumb question and thanks for your patience!

  • Three dots? Do you see . and ..? Is this the output of ls -a /storage/nsa?

    Use systemctl status storage-nsa.mount and journalctl -u storage-nsa.mount to see systemd messages. mount is showing all succesfil mounts from system.

    And simple but important: is there anything stored below /i-data/e6510fdf/nfs/KodiShare on the NAS?

  • In case this is helpful..

    Assume you have allowed specified device/IP's on your network NFS access to confirmed folders/files on your NAS? Looking in ZyXEL NSA325v2 manual on page 232 (Within section 11 add packages) it explains how to set-up required access to a user/device on network once you have installed the NFS package on the NAS. NSA325 v2_V4.70 Ed4.pdf

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  • Thanks everyone, Kodi / System Info / storage shows it is mounted correctly.

    I'll figure out the NAS peculiarities.

    Finally I can start to have some fun with it!