libreelec nightly regression on amd 2400g

  • With the latest (20201015-c5a4c7d) nightly I'm seeing a regression as it seems to fail to init the gpu on my AMD 2400G, so the box just boots and kodi does not start up, I can ssh into it though.

    Relevant stuff from dmesg:

    non-working - Pastebin

    The nightly (20200928-cf4721a) I used previously works:

    working - Pastebin

    Let me know if you need anything else.

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  • Please use pastebin websites for providing log files and other longer outputs. We prefer to keep our forum server clean and lean.

    As it's not really my department, the nightly problem is to be looked at by a LibreELEC developer.

  • So I did a git bisect and got this:

    addc2bfa1f3cbd6f876f4b98dac71f33d01cf837 is the first bad commit
    commit addc2bfa1f3cbd6f876f4b98dac71f33d01cf837
    Author: mglae <[email protected]>
    Date: Sun Oct 4 17:47:30 2020 +0200
    linux: add IOMMU support for Generic

    Reverting this commit on master and my box boots fine again.

  • I tested again, I've had "pci=nomsi" for a long time. I think it was milhouse that suggested that for boot problems with this platform. So I tested removing that and now it boots without the "iommu=off".