upmpdcli ?

  • Has anyone got a method for installing upmpdcli? Using a RPi4 with the latest stable LE... any and all advice cheerfully begged for :)


  • If there is no add-on, you could use a Docker implementation ("nolte" for instance).

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  • Interesting notion; I hadn't encountered Docker before... if I set it up that way would upmpdcli be able to interact with the already installed MPD, however?

    EDIT: Looking closer, I'm guessing so, but -- again -- I'd love some feedback (and potential gotchas) before I dive in headfirst...

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  • Well, down the rabbit hole we go.

    If anyone saw what was here earlier... NVM. Reinstall repaired docker. More rabbit hole diving to commence.

    OK. My head is swimming... can anyone who knows what they're doing with Docker push me in the right direction as to getting nolte/upmpdcli up and running?

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  • Obliged. I was getting to that, but presence of mind told me to step away and breathe for a few moments and take a hot shower... ;)

    OK... so. Progress... I have Docker up and running, I was able to successfully pull nolte/upmpdcli. So now it's all about creating the container from what I'm gleaning but I'm getting a little lost in the process. Also, attempting to run it directly from the cmdline is throwing

    standard_init_linux.go:211: exec user process caused "exec format error"


    Figured it out. Needed to pull nolte/rpi-upmpdcli instead of nolte/upmpdcli.

    It's the little things that drive one crazy... :)

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  • Yes, you need a matching docker image for your arch. Some images (most of linuxserver.io ones) are multi-arch, meaning, when you pull an image, it automatically retrieves the correct version for your arch. But most of the random images you find on docker hub are x86_64 only.

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