Rasberry Pi 4b no audio

  • Dear Forum,

    I am having an issue getting Audio to play through HDMI lead with my Raspberry Pi 4, however I am getting amazingly smooth playback visually.

    - Pi 4b is encased inside Argon One case with cooler and thermal pads, there doesn't seem to be any overheating

    - My LibreELEC is installed onto a SanDisk 16GB microSD card (again booted fine)
    - I am using a HDMI lead that can support up to 4k Here
    - I am using a Rii K18 Keyboard with trackpad here which is working smoothly

    Things tried:
    - Installed PuTTY and connected to the Pi via SSH
    -- Ran the command mount -o remount,rw /flash/config.txt

    --- Inserted the following line at the bottom hdmi_drive=2 and rebooted

    - Set the sound output to Analogue and got sound but where this will be set up it will need the TV to act as the speaker.

    Is there anything else I can try?

    End Goal
    - Have Disney+ using my account
    - Have Amazon Prime video using my account
    - Sky Go if can get it to work on Kodi again with my account

  • Do you have GUI sound or no sound at all?

    Do you connect directly to TV, or RPi -> AVR -> TV?

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  • Now I feel absolutely stupid my fault fixed when I went back to bare bone the Raspberry Pi away from the Argon One case extender and it all is working again.