burn LE-image to cd?

  • Hello,

    I have an Intel NUC Kit NUC5i3RYH.

    I want to install LE there.

    Unfortunately I cannot boot from USB.

    Tried everything, Recoverey-Bios, lots of USB sticks - it won't work.

    Also other OS like Win10, Win86 cannot be installed.

    Only booting from cd works.

    Can I burn a CD from the LE image?

    Thanks for your help

  • Can I burn a CD from the LE image?

    Nope. We provide a disk image, not and ISO.

    You could install the NUC's HDD into another PC and run the installer on that machine.

    Do make sure you select the correct target disk...

    1. Power on the Intel NUC.
    2. At the prompt during boot, press F10 to open the boot menu and select the installation drive.
  • I'm using PLOP for old pc's and usb booting virtualized systems like vmware or virtualbox. It never failed.

    By the way look at your bios settings. Is there any option like "legacy usb mode" or "enable usb 1.1" ? They also may help.

  • Yes, I tried legacy.

    Regardless of which stick I plug in, a "jetflash 4GB" is always recognized in the BIOS.

    This type has to be saved somewhere in the UEFI BIOS.

    I have already unplugged the battery and pulled the jumpers.

    BIOS recovery worked but didn't change anything.

  • If HDD and CD conected via SATA un-plug them, leave alone your usb drive.If not boots bios got a bug. Updating BIOS may fix it. If device boots up reset device. Boot again. When LE boot screen appear press pause-break key on keyboard. It should pause boot process. Now plug your HDD (sata supports hot-pluging) Press any key to continue booting.

  • I took some photos from an Intel_NUC_8i3BEH, cause I guess the Bios's are the same.

    - not that sharp, but might help -


    - 1st pic, right side: all enabled apart charging port.

    - last pic: Secure boot is OFF


    To get a Windows USB Install stick (other tools/techniques may work, but might not 8))

    on an 2cd windows box (or an Windows in an VM):

    diskpart (run as admin)


    - list disk

    - select disk N (be aware: N is the number of your usb stick)

    - detail disk (to verify the correct device was picked before)

    - clean (!!! all data are lost on the above selected device !!!)

    - create partition primary

    - format fs=ntfs quick (fat32 for Windows 7)

    - assign

    - active

    now copy over the contents of the Windows DVD to the USB stick

    done !

    be aware:

    - nvme driver is NOT included

    so if you need it:

    "MSI Smart Tool" from here:

    Support For B250 PC MATE | Motherboard - The world leader in motherboard design | MSI Global

    - USB3 is NOT include on Windows 7 DVD's (Win10 it is !)

    use the same tool from above !

  • Friedhofsblond a "like" is nice and good, but it would be better if we all (!) see/hear if and how your problem was solved, if it is solved.

    I personal need no "likes" and such.

    the community needs "shareable" solutions for their problems.

    DigiBit R1, NUC8i3BE

  • Hello,

    sorry had completely forgotten you.

    Sorry for my late reply.

    I was able to boot from an external HDD (SSD in an external USB case).

    So this was my solution:

    1. LE USB stick generated with the LE tool.

    2. Made an image of the USB stick with Acronis TI

    3. This image is mirrored on an old 2.5 "SSD

    4. the SSD to the SATA port (where otherwise DVD is attached) and M.2 built into the NUC

    5. Booted from the SSD and installed LE on the M.2

    6. SSD disconnected and rebooted - everything is TOP!

    But now I have the problem that I can no longer get the boot CD from the NUC.

    Ejection doesn't work in Kodi ;(

  • ....But now I have the problem that I can no longer get the boot CD from the NUC.

    Ejection doesn't work in Kodi ;(

    usually there is a smale hole in the front of an cd-drive.

    carefully stick a paper-clip in it and it should open

    DigiBit R1, NUC8i3BE