Libreelec does not play .ts and .mkv files via smb

  • Hello

    I use Libreelec as the main system. I wanted to watch a PVR recording on Libreelec but I found out that the TS file is not playing via smb: //. I then tested with mkv, mp4, avi and mp3.

    Unfortunately I could not test more files but my results ".ts" and ".mkv" are not played on Libereelec despite access to the files.

    They will not play any problems on Kodi-Win10 or VLC-player.

    Here is the error message:

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  • how did you added the folder/share to kodi ?

    did you mount it manually to LE or do you use the Kodi build in function ?

    it should work, so likely something with your nas or your methode you added it to kodi

  • Sorry for my late reply I was on vacation.

    I added the folder via "Zeroconf browser" and via "Windows network (SMB)". In both cases I have full access to the folder and the files in it. As a test, I loaded Test.avi, Test.mp4, Test.mp3 and Test.mkv into this folder.

    Test.avi, Test.mp4 and Test.mp3 are played. Test.mkv and "Grill-den-Henssler- VOX2020-08-3020-15.ts" are not played error see first post from me. Both Kodi systems use the same "SMB: //" setting.

    As a test, I set up an ftp share for this folder, with this share all files on Libreelec are played. Only not with SMB.