LibreELEC (Leia) 9.2.4

  • We reverted the RPi4 firmware back from the July 2 version kernel: Bump to 5.4.50 · raspberrypi/[email protected] · GitHub to the June 26 version kernel: Bump to 5.4.49 · raspberrypi/[email protected] · GitHub as the added support for interlaced modes was incomplete and caused the black screen issues with TVs that flag interlaced (eg 1080i50/60) as the preferred mode in their EDID. See also the github issue [BUG] · Issue #4523 · LibreELEC/ · GitHub

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  • Just a thought, I am not a developer or technical person...

    Only change in 9.2.5 compared to 9.2.4 is the RPi4 firmware change - both use Kodi Leia 18.8 and we'll release 9.2.5 only for RPi4.

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    In the extremely unlikely event that an emergency bugfix or backport goes into Kodi 18.8 then all LE9.2.n platform versions would go to 9.2.5?

    Please consider a suffix for the new RPi4 9.2.4 version such as 9.2.4r1.

    This would keep version alignment based on Kodi 18.8 and would allow for further RPi4 emergency firmware / EEPROM / linux releases if absolutely necessary (9.2.4r2, r3 etc.).

    A roadmap question (direction of travel - NOT timescales, I appreciate how busy and dedicated you all are).

    Will LE 9.2 RPi4 with Kodi 18.8 move to linux 5.4 kernel / firmware / EEPROM or remain at linux 4.19 kernel / firmware / EEPROM?

    (Please remember that I am not a developer and have no idea as to the technical feasibility or workload this may involve).

    This will impact RPi4 users dependent on Python 2 add-ons that will need to stay with LE 9.2 (until the add-ons are re-developed for Python 3) whilst all ongoing RPi4 developments and improvements will be based on linux 5.4 kernel / firmware / EEPROM.

    Really appreciate all the hard work.

    Sincere thanks.

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  • This will impact RPi4 users dependent on Python 2 add-ons that will need to stay with LE 9.2

    Kodi 19 Matrix is Python-3 only, as Python-2 itself was already EOL as per 1st Jan 2020.

  • ATM we have no plans to do any further 9.x releases after 9.2.4/5. Same goes for Kodi, there are no further 18.x releases planned.

    Development focus is now purely on getting LE master/10.x running smoothly with V4L2 decoders and KMS/GBM.

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