Estouchy bug

  • Hi,

    I have a RPi 3 running LibreELEC (official): 9.2.3 (RPi2.arm). It is using the Smarti Pi Touch 2 chassis and the RPi touchscreen and the Estouchy skin. I noticed that when I go to Settings -> Libreelec config there is no back button. You're stuck unless you have a keyboard attached or do a power cycle.

    Fortunately I have a spare keyboard for the very few times I go there.

  • it's annoying alrite, I just reboot unless I plug a mouse in and right click but sometimes the mouse takes too much power and it cuts out anyways 😔

  • We're not the developers of that skin. As a workaround you can define "back navigation" on your remote control.

    Here is an example to define the yellow button as "back navigation" at /storage/.kodi/userdata/keymaps/remote.xml :


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  • On a touch-screen-only system without RC, you should try to find the dev of the skin first. Those devs are usually at the main Kodi forum.

    If that's not possible, you can attach a physical button at the GPIO, and define it as "back navigation". Easy to do, but ugly.

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