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    it's annoying alrite, I just reboot unless I plug a mouse in and right click but sometimes the mouse takes too much power and it cuts out anyways 😔


    Im using a 17" Elo Touchscreen, it does work well but my touch is slighly off, example on keyboard if i want a letter i have to touch the letter above it.

    For the bigger buttons on Etouchy screen I dont really notice too much just on smaller options its anoying

    do you think this can be fixed with code?

    Many Thanks

    Please post a link to a log file and name the audio format (MediaInfo) you're playing.

    Sorry im new to all this finally got reports


    Music im playing is just normal mp3's mp4's

    it was freezing without playing music

    Im really just guessing, i under clocked it to 900 mhz and it seems to have stopped freezing but still cpu is high 98 99%

    I also put on a heatsink.

    Music output example


    Complete name : C:\Users\User\Downloads\The Prodigy - Their Law (The Singles 1990-2005)\Their Law (The Singles 1990-2005) [CD-01\04 Out Of Space.mp3

    Format : MPEG Audio

    File size : 11.8 MiB

    Duration : 5 min 2 s

    Overall bit rate mode : Constant

    Overall bit rate : 320 kb/s

    Album : Their Law (The Singles 1990-2005) [CD-01]

    Part/Position : 1

    Part/Total : 1

    Track name : Out Of Space

    Track name/Position : 4

    Track name/Total : 15

    Performer : The Prodigy

    Composer : L. Howlett

    Genre : Electronica Dance

    Recorded date : 1992

    Writing library : iTunes

    Cover : Yes

    Cover MIME : image/png

    iTunPGAP : 0


    Format : MPEG Audio

    Format version : Version 1

    Format profile : Layer 3

    Duration : 5 min 2 s

    Bit rate mode : Constant

    Bit rate : 320 kb/s

    Channel(s) : 2 channels

    Sampling rate : 44.1 kHz

    Frame rate : 38.281 FPS (1152 SPF)

    Compression mode : Lossy

    Stream size : 11.5 MiB (98%)



    Total new this but I've built a jukebox with a 17" Elo touchscreen, using rasp pi zero w. Seems to be working good with Estouchy and sound working via Bluetooth.

    The touch is slightly off, example :say if the screen keyboard is up, if I wanted a certain letter I would have to press the letter above it to get that letter below, is there anyway to tweek the calibration. This is the case with all button selections unless it's a really big button say in settings.

    Many thanks