Help with 4K hardware

  • I’ve been using Libreelec for a few months now and I’ve been really happy with it, even the Alpha builds are rock solid for me. Good work all!

    I recently purchased a new 4K TV and wrongly assumed my i5 based HTPC would support 2160p. Firstly is there any way I can get my Intel i5 3470T with Intel integrated graphics to display 2160p or is it just a non-starter hardware wise? Being a tiny PC a graphics card swap isn’t possible.

    Secondly if my current hardware won’t do 2160p what should I look at next?

    I quite like the look of the Wetek Core as it has support from the USB-SD Creator. Will it give me smooth 264/265 4K playback support? How long will it be supported by Libreelec?

    What other options do I have?

  • 4K h.264 videos should be no problem on the Core i5 3470T with its Intel HD2500, but it has no internal HEVC hw accelerated decoding, so only 720p and very simple 1080p HEVC/h.265 videos will be software decoded. 4K is not really a full option for the 3470T as its video output is 1080p only.

    The Wetek Core is advertised with "8-bit H265", while the Wetek Hub also has 10bit support. Both boxes are being used for active LibreELEC development, which is still ongoing. Bluray 4K 23.796 fps seems to be working on the WHub, at the moment it's the 4K 50/60fps videos that are pushing the Wetek Hub perhaps a bit too far. It's all still very much a work-in-progress.

    if you prefer an Intel box instead, and you can also opt for an Asrock J3355B-ITX / J4205-ITX motherboard.

    How long will it be supported by Libreelec?

    No idea :-) Just as long as the products are being sold or popular enough would be one possibility, just like the Raspberry Pi.

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  • Thanks for taking the time to reply.

    So it sounds like a new box for me. I was planning on using the USB on the TV to play my content as I've not got that much but the playback is unwatchable.

    The hub does look like a pretty slick box I just thought the core was the better of the two. I think all my content is 23.796 fps so that wouldn't be too much of a bother. If the Libreelec build is as polished as the x86 one I'm currently using I'll be very happy with it and I'm sure it will only improve.

    I would prefer an Intel box but I don't really want to build one from scratch. Something like a NUC would be good but I don't think they are 10bit either?

  • In the end I decided to get an Intel box based on the Apollo Lake Asrock J3455-ITX.

    Piostrasd over at the Kodi forums has made a version of LE that has Apollo Lake updates Intel Apollo Lake are there any plans to add these to the main LE build?

  • Hello.

    I want to buy Asrock J4205-ITX. I want to watch movies and 4K channels.
    How does Asrock J4205-ITX work in LibreELEC? Does it have sound or movie problems?
    Do satellite channels SD, 1080i and 4K work smoothly?

    I recently bought a geforce 1050 graphics card and found that the libreelec does not support it. I do not want to spend money anymore.

    Does anyone have such a motherboard and it works well on it's satellite TV?