NFS Network Usage

  • I have this problem with Libre - as i ve had it with OE.

    My server runs windows 10 and i have installed hanewin nfs.

    My local network is gigabit and it consists of a pc, a server, a nuc (with libre) and another small pc as downloader (24/7, download is limited to 900 kb/sec upload limited to 25 kb/sec)

    NFS shares on server movies

    The problem is that when i try to playback a movie (remuxed mkv 30gb) on my nuc (with libre) and while downloading on my other pc after a while playback suffers buffer issues.

    If i turn donwloader pc off, everything is ok..

    I wouldnt make it an issue BUT... with my popcorn hour a210 the same movie (nfs share) plays back just fine while downloading on my other pc...

    Any ideas on how this could be fixed?

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    I don't know how to fix your NFS issue, but have you tried to use SMB instead? Just for a test.

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  • I have a network that is very busy at times, but no problems with using NFS and a synology NAS as server.

    It could also be a hardware issue, try a different network cable.

  • Or use a Gigabit switch instead of a low cost hub.

    A switch can manage network traffic better.

  • all my switches are gigabit :) (ofc cat6 cabling)..

    will replace cable and see if this fixes it and then will try smb shares

  • Tried different cable... same problem..

    Then i switched to SMB...

    Everything worked JUST FINE..

    With Downloader On..
    Copying a file over ethernet
    Playing back the same movie that had buffer issues on NFS... on SMB NO PROBLEMS at all..

    REALLY weird..

    also tried this

    but same problems in NFS

    as i ve said NFS is working great on my PCH...
    BUT there is a problem on Libre (as there was on OE)...

    anyone can thing of something..
    Switching to SMB is not a viable option since i ll have to rescrape - fix MANY MANY Movies..

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  • Finally i ve found the problem..

    My server was recently upgraded to windows 10 and the jumbo frames were off, when i turned jumbo frames on NFS worked as intended.

    PCH did not have an issue with jumbo off nor SMB, NFS had.

    It was not a Libre or OE problem.. :)