PineTab available for pre-order, any interest in running LE on these?

  • Would You buy a PineTab if it could run LibreElec? 1

    1. Yes, it would be great to have LibreElec running on the PineTab. (1) 100%
    2. No, I don't see the advantage to have a dedicated OS only to run Kodi on a tablet. (0) 0%

    As the PineTab is available for pre-order, I wonder if there is any interest from the LE-userbase to have LE running on the PineTab.

    The main reason for me to get LE on the PineTab is the kids. So they can watch some movies, read a comic, listen to music or podcast in the car. LE is easy to set-up, play's almost all formats, connects to a lot of server protocols (when you put a little dlna server in the car, with those mobile routers).

    But probably other people have other reason's.

    On the other hand, everybody has already a tablet and is not waiting for a second tablet with (to be honest) low specs running a unknown OS. So LE would be a great selling point, especially for this price point.

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  • FYI, I have PineTab just for this purpose. In the past, there was a weak point in terms of SW support - driver for display. But this is mainly fixed now, so it should not be too hard to add support for it.

  • Just discovered this thread now...

    Not sure what to vote for. In general I'd say no in general as you can also have kodi on plasma mobile or phosh and could in the future even use plasma bigscreen.

    But of course it's also thrilling to use it for LE experimenting ;-)

    Just one question for LE on tablets and laptops, is it in the meantime possible to connect a tv via HDMI?

  • I understand, but what makes the pinetab so nice is that you can switch a OS by only throwing in another µSD-card. So If you want to run your media isolated from your other stuff, you can use a LibreElec SD-card. Or you want to play your ancient games through a emulator and you need the maximum of the resources to play them full speed, you can use Lakka. If you have a home party and you want to control your music with your tablet without the risc visitors start sniffing in your personal documents you can use a squeesebox OS.

    Maybe my point is not so clear, but I have a LibreElec-box connected to my TV. Why didn't I put a ordinary PC next to my TV with Kodi installed?