Time won't set after reload

  • Last night, my Kodi system choked when a show ended (separate issue; water under the bridge.)

    I reinstalled kodi on a new SD card, then copied everything from /STORAGE to the new card after it expanded the filesystem. All offline, except the expansion of the /STORAGE filesystem.

    Anyway, everything is back 100% except it won't set the time properly.

    I set the timeservers to 0.us.pool.ntp.org and 1.us.pool.ntp.org (they were whatever they were before that... remember, it used to work.) I rebooted and the time changed by about 2 hours. Neither time was even close: minutes were off; hours not as if it were GMT or anything. Timezone set properly.

    Pastebin of debug log during a reboot: Kodi debug log of reboot - Pastebin.com I believe all details about versions and hardware should be in that file.

    (set log to debug, reboot, set log normal, recover log file)

    Note even the date is wrong... it somehow thinks it's April 2019.

    Not sure what else I can do here. Suggestions are most welcome, please.

  • Clear the NTP coonfiguration you added (which is not required as we fall back on ntp.org servers if nothing is set) then reboot and run "journalctl | paste" approx 1 min after booting into Kodi and share the URL generated. Kodi logs aren't relevant to the issue.

  • Not familiar with the journalctl | paste, so here that is verbatim (some HTML was generated):

    And here is the output of journalctl, in case that's what you meant:

    After all that, looking up at the screensaver: it's still partying like it's 2019.

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  • Oh, aye!

    I saw where it was fighting with my pi-hole, so I set the DNS servers to something known...

    aaaaaand it works!

    Thanks for the hint!