API standard for multimedia (video,audio,etc...)

  • Hi ! I have question about unfied API for multimedia websites. In many video/audio/etc sites where content is served over internet something like unified global API for database where any desktop/mobile/embedded "end user player app" should be able to aquaire something like content index on any level where customer navigate in player for example like KODI , this API should level extensions dependend on content type on website for example if youtube wideo have section description/stats/comments this should have also menu in 2'nd level atop video to display this sections, rest of magic should be app/player dependend /read metadata/custom parsing/ai algorythms etc.

    This API probably should be standard like HTMLv5 etc.. but i don't find something like this .

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  • stpf99 there is commonality around the stream transport layer, e.g. HLS, DASH, hence things like inputstream.adaptive exist in the Kodi repo that will be used by many add-ons, but the content/catalogue mechanism is typically site-specific and each portal/site rolls their own API framework for access.