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    ARM Mali GPU - openSUSE Wiki

    For ARM related support in Open Source exist :

    "Lima" for mali-400 and mali-450 soc gpu's aka Utgard gpu's


    "Panfrost" for both Bifrost and Midgard Mali GPU: Mali-Gxx GPU and Mali-T6xx / Mali-T7xx / Mali-T8xx GPU

    LibreELEC is focused on that drivers not on ARM Corp. versions like mali- utgard,midgard,bifrost

    and Ciolabora now writing panfrost code with ARM developers for upstream Linux

    kernel 5.8.10 – Google Drive

    under this link is LibreELEC img compiled today for LibreTech LaFrite models with 512MB/1GB RAM compiled from master but with newer kernel version 5.8.10

    watching livetv in h264 is possible with enabled >> ffmpeg drm prime, but disabled >> hw for prime and "Direct to plane" enabled, cpu1-4= 7-17 % for sd

    hw acceleration works ok for vp9/h264(avc1) videos from yt downloaded by youtube-dl only for tvheadend raw htsp streams fails,

    any suggestions why for live tv streams is not possible from tvheadend stable, what change in settings for better experience ?

    Hevc to test...

    Hi. I have one technical question about this problematic state of support for hardware decoding on Amlogic and other SoC platforms. If I understand correctly for proper hw decoding is needed mainly codec as library from some vendor/programist/company which have extension for hardware capabilities for platform which is bundled for running. On Amlogic for example s805x with mali-450 mesa have 3d extensions for that gpu but on desktop also have for gpu like vaapi vdpau fo radeon and intel and nvidia for hw decoding. On Soc cpu/gpu if i think about this state instruction for handling hw acceleration for codec formats should have mesa but i remember on linuxtv git v4l tree have something to do with that code, situation is even more complicated because meson build system have some layers beetwen things to get everything done if i understand this. So codec is ffmpeg or something on other layer like for example libde265 for hevc, maybe in opensource world not exist codec with implementation for every SoC and ffmpeg code base sometime have this futures. Modularity is for to get things done wery well but it this time consuming effort... Sorry for my mistakes in writing , im not native speeker

    Hi ! I have question about unfied API for multimedia websites. In many video/audio/etc sites where content is served over internet something like unified global API for database where any desktop/mobile/embedded "end user player app" should be able to aquaire something like content index on any level where customer navigate in player for example like KODI , this API should level extensions dependend on content type on website for example if youtube wideo have section description/stats/comments this should have also menu in 2'nd level atop video to display this sections, rest of magic should be app/player dependend /read metadata/custom parsing/ai algorythms etc.

    This API probably should be standard like HTMLv5 etc.. but i don't find something like this .

    All SBC with famouse soc chips have Similar capabilities at present days user needs , tv reception is wider occupied by h264 / hevc 1080p in some tv platforms, in Poland switch to hevc dvb-t2 will be in 2022.06.01 and this is planned for fullhd brodcasting only. For widder adoption 4k probably we need to wait for dervices with fully implemented next bunch od codecs including vvc and others too because IT will be mixed codecs/brodcasts-standard content on satellites.

    Nice patch for that S805x/y soc, finalizng proper detection for components should be in first place in what to do before code going to some wider tests/alpha states, experimenting for 4k on this soc should be an option if this is physically possible not exactly with Libreelec but if code is wider adoptable as this patch is in linux base.

    chewitt can you make this value CMA=128 default for AMLGX images, i have done some tests for stablility with 128 and it is ok , if users with boards 1gb and up want this value to be CMA=265 again it is easly changeable by adding "cma=256" to boot parametr on image compiled with below this value but not viceversa, on image compilled with cma=265 it is imposible to boot with passed "cma=128" to boot cmdline... im not 100% sure but that it looks...

    18.04.2020 – Google Drive

    cma=128 + zram +zswap for LaFrite 512 MB

    h264 - hd 1080 ok

    VP9 - hd 1080 ok

    hevc - hd 1080 only sw decoding possible

    missing deinterlacer






    modprobe zram

    swapoff -a

    totalmem=`free | grep -e "^Mem:" | awk '{print $2}'`

    mem=$(( $totalmem * 512))

    echo $mem > /sys/block/zram0/disksize

    mkswap /dev/zram0

    swapon -p 100 /dev/zram0

    ) &


    enabling zram is solution for hevc hd playing on this board in sw

    img is with lima/wayland enabled but only h264 seems to be supported in hardware decoding mode, optional for wayland is gbm but i don't know if it is usable on lima driver

    some info about GBM Mali Opengl on the libretech cc s905x using GBM with LibreELEC Kodi · BayLibre/libretech-image-builder Wiki · GitHub

    Linux 5.8 To Add Auto-Detection For Using SoundWire On Newer Intel Platforms - Phoronix

    maybe this solution will be more competetive on this divestagations, backplaced audio monitors in this mentioned configutation should be conected to projectors SBC/box tv over lan protocol provided by soundwire...

    You can try setup home router with USB storage with services you mention, only DVB drivers for tv reception need to be included to firmware but openwrt firmware alow for that and have howto how this could be done. Packages for multimedia in openwrt :

    Minidlna , tvheadend, minisatip, oscam, xupnpd, bittorrent downloaders/..., Home automation, sdr, etc...

    5.7-rc1 kernel - Google Drive for La Frite 512 / 1GB * .system * .kernel for other boxes = arm, amlgx

    kernel lima 5.7-rc1 terratec cinergy s2 BOX (2018) 3103b supported by this kernel out of the box! CMA as given in amlogic-master = 64 and hevc works in hd sw

    firmware for terratec cinergy s2 box dvb-firmware / dvb-demod-m88ds3103b.fw at master · CoreELEC / dvb-firmware · GitHub

    put this in /storage/.config/firmware/ before creating the "mkdir /storage/.config/firmware" directory

    misiing firmware in standard image

    [ 17.490485] m88ds3103 1-006a: found a 'Montage Technology M88DS3103B' in cold state

    [ 17.491753] m88ds3103 1-006a: downloading firmware from file 'dvb-demod-m88ds3103b.fw'

    [ 25.777879] m88ds3103 1-006a: firmware did not run

    In my latest image is only one change comparable to clean sources from your github amlogic-master, it is CMA decrased from 256 to 128, overall impressions seems to be good with 512 mb device but i can't confirm it's as good on other 512 mb sbc. I can build few more images some times but i'm waiting for changes to complete support for basic needs for that device, proper codec support is most wanted.