RPI4 - System switches off in the evening

  • Hello,

    I am still setting up my Raspberry 4 with LibreELEC 9.2.1

    I've had it for the past two nights that the Raspberry has shut down in the evening. But I just don't find the reason why.

    The first evening i suspected that it was due to switching off the television and the CEC coupling.

    The setting was that the playback should be stopped when the tv is switched off.

    Now i have no TV connected. And yesterday at 22:00 the system turned off. Here is the section from the log:

    I cant find a setting, that the System should turn off. In the Settings-PVR energy Saving is off. The energy saving functions are also deactivated in the system settings.

    In the TVHeadend settings i find nothing about Energy Saving?



  • Klojum

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  • Something that you perhaps have enabled in the "Settings/System/Power saving" section of Kodi?

  • The service.tvh.manager addon is the culprit:

    1. 2020-04-16 22:03:48.401 T:2700940144 NOTICE: [service.tvh.manager] Service was running w/o user activity
    2. 2020-04-16 22:03:54.453 T:2700940144 NOTICE: [service.tvh.manager] Instruct the system to shut down using Application

    Check the addon settings or just uninstall it, not exactly sure what this addon is useful for.

    so long,


  • Hello!

    Many thanks! Thats it. I have uninstalled it. I think this was the problem.

    I don´t know, why i had this addon installed. And i have searched in the settings from TVHeadend...

    Thank you for the quick help!