USB Audio to 3.5mm for RPi4

  • Greetings,

    My primary HTPC finally died after many years of service. I replaced it with a Raspberry Pi 4 (4Gb memory version), installed the latest libreelec, and for the video content I watch it has performed excellently in the visual department. It was running a bit hot so I bought one of the Kodi aluminum cases and dropped the temp nearly 10C! Awesome! However, my 5.1 audio off the Rpi4 is just a 3.5mm splitter...AKA, I really need to do something about the audio...

    Because the case is the heat sink, I can't add one of the popular Pi Hats. Some of the recommended USB audio that I've seen for the RPi4's are the RCA connections not the 3.5mm that my 5.1 speakers have (they are just normal computer system plugs). So the only USB-to-3.5mm one that I've found anyone reviewing for Rpi4 is the ICUSBAUDIO7D 7.1 but that was for a different project and I've not found any reviews for it with Kodi or Libreelec. I realize that I'm not going to get super great audio, but just about anything that produces reliable sound is going to be better than a single 3.5mm output joined to many speakers via a splitter! ^^

    Any thoughts or suggestions for what I should do? Is there a better product for USB->3.5mm 5.1 (or better) audio that I should consider for a RPi4?


  • Just an FYI for anyone else who pursues this, it works great. Took some fiddling to get the right settings and while Kodi recognized it on plug in, it wasn't until after a reboot that it started working. But it works!