Hats/Cases/Adaptors for 2.5"/3.5" hdd or ssd?

  • Hi,

    I am just wondering if anyone has any ideas of what is around for the pi4 for usb3 to sata or to a laptop ssd card to suit for a media player/storage setup.

    I have looked around, but im sure there is alternatives out there i havnt seen.

    Things id like to have in a setup would be:

    Multiple HDD


    On/Off Switch for soft shutdown

    and only 1 power input cable from mains to the unit.

    Any recommendations would be amazing.



  • There are *too* many options. Use a search engine for each requirement.

    1) Multiple HDD will need an external powered hub. So 4 fails.

    2) UPS: Many options available but not sure if any offer "full" UPS shutdown in the event of power outage under LE.
    3) Loads available - but you'll need to ensure they work under LE

    4) No chance.... See 1