How to change from Open ELEC to LibreELEC

  • I go to the video on your Home page and no volume I go onto the internet and you Tube and click on the same video No volume Is there suppose to be volume I down loaded all updates and get sound on other U tube videos. Is there a written paper that tells how to get a update from OpenELEC to LibreElec I am computer illiterate/// I had a chap instal this and Kodi years ago Right now I have 17.3 Kodi and OpenELEC 8.04 KERNEL Some time I must have updated Kodi but forget how right now.

  • There is no music or commentary on the YouTube videos - the idea is (was) that you looked at the videos. However it would be better to clean install LE instead of trying to migrate an OE install now.

  • Ahh, this seems to be exactly the topic for me!

    I am a Kodi newbie an the last time I attempted Linux was 15 years ago and we didn't like each other. I would be deeply greatful for help.

    Last week I bought a htpc with 17.3 Kodi and OpenELEC 8.04 already installed with Intel i3 CPU inside and I believe TV shows library is giving me hard time (movies work fine) because its addon is too old or something. In the latest Kodi on Windows it works fine with the same usb HDD and content (including naming convention).

    Having decided to upgrade to LibreElec I followed this, used "download" instead of "download_new" to arrive at the layout from YT, tried my luck with editing the link to the tar file to get the latest build (it worked), downloaded and copied "LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-9.2.0.tar" to Update folder on my htpc but after extracting on boot I get "check size failed" - due to too small sda1 partition I believe?. Mind I'm a linux hardcore noob.

    dev/sda1 on flash is the system partition? While dev/sda2 on storage is the "data" partion being the remainder of my SSD drive? sda1 is 217/230MB used and sda2 is 239MB/36GB used but the tar file was 245MB. I checked and it's gone from the Update but guess the OS removes it on fail not to repeat an update attempt that will not work?

    If you have got this far my gratitude would be even bigger ;) My question is - how do I install the LibreElec now that you mentioned


    However it would be better to clean install LE instead of trying to migrate an OE install now.

    ? Mind I am still working on my folders etc so I am ok with losing all my settings. I do not need any extra addons, this htpc is "plug the usb hdd with new content, get the nice banners and play". Not a single byte above that.

    Should I just create a bootable usb from for Intel? Will it do whatever it needs to do with the partitions and install easily overwriting everything (which I am fine with) or will I have to do manual linux magic and possibly render my htpc useless?

    Ehh, I am proficient in installing windows since 1996 and partition managment but Linux is just not my territory.

    Anyway, any word of advice is appreciated.

  • OE used a 230MB boot partition and the image LE currently ships is a little larger (we have used 512MB for the boot partition since 2016) so you either need to use some kind of bootable USB/CD with tools to shrink and move the storage partition so the boot partition can be expanded, or you take the easier and much faster option; create the installer USB and boot from it, and then create a new LE install. The image you posted shows 256MB of data on /storage so you didn't do much yet .. it will be easiest to clean install and start over.

  • Thanks Chewitt!

    Thankfully for all I refrained from asking some dumb questions. I assumed that the installer has to easily take care of everything since ELECs were meant as nobrainer OSes for Kodi for masses and indeed it worked like a charm. The TV show now work finally plus the new Kodi decodes x265 hevc on the gpu now relieving the CPU. Meaning the 4K 10b x265 hevc that stuttered previously now works fine with major cpu usage but not 4x100%.

    Yay! That's a win-win-win.