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  • Questions, questions...

    1) I was testing the paste command in LibreElec and it works quite well. However, I would like to delete the posting. The command is asking for a user & password. Is there a default combo or do I have to register with

    2) Is there a File Structure map for LibreElec? Basically, I would like to know where files are stored. I am using a Raspberry Pi 4 with LibreElec OS ver. 9.2

    Bugs, Bugs...

    I am using a wireless mouse and wireless BT keyboard. When I select a video for playing, the response is very slow. Eventually, the video starts playing, but getting the interface to respond to the KB or mouse can be frustrating.


    My issue is similar to the one reported on this posting: raspberry-pi-4-model-b-4gb-freezes-when-playing-movies

  • Please use a separate thread for each issue.

    1) As far as I know - there is no way to delete the content. Even if you could, if could still be available *somewhere*

    2) which <name> will find executables in your $PATH, otherwise use the find command

    3) Add your comment to the posted URL including the URL output of cat /storage/.kodi.temp/kodi.log | paste