Raspberry Pi Tools Add on - installation keeps on failing.

  • I'm trying to get the status LED working on my Pi 3+. I have it running on Pi4 but older Pi3+ is giving me error on Tools installation for GPIO functionality.
    I'm installing Addon "Script - Raspberry Pi Tools" Author:Team LibreELEC

    Log file after warnings about unofficial pulgin is showing:
    2020-02-14 21:24:26.263 T:1367339904 ERROR: GetDirectory - Error getting addons://search/
    2020-02-14 21:24:37.077 T:1319748480 WARNING: Repository add-on repository.unofficial.addon.pro uses plain HTTP for add-on downloads in path Index of /addons/7.0/RPi2/arm/ - this is insecure and will make your Kodi installation vulnerable to attacks if enabled!

    2020-02-14 21:24:48.938 T:1328141184 ERROR: GetDirectory - Error getting zip://special%3a%2f%2fhome%2faddons%2fpackages%2fvirtual.rpi-tools-9.1.901.106.zip/

    2020-02-14 21:24:48.939 T:1328141184 ERROR: CAddonInstallJob[virtual.rpi-tools]: invalid package special://home/addons/packages/virtual.rpi-tools-9.1.901.106.zip

    System Tools by Team LibreELEC, same thing installation failed.

    I have this SD chip for few years and it has gone through numerous updates. Fresh image works OK with Raspberry Pi Tools on the same hardware. It looks like the system is looking for Tools addon in the wrong place. Any quick way to fix it?

  • I can see two issues:

    a) The repository.unofficial.addon.pro reference is old cruft from an OpenELEC installation. The domain expired or is no longer available; and the add-ons there wouldn't be compatible with LE releases anyway (maybe v7.0 but not v9.2). This can/should be uninstalled.

    b) The version of LE appears to be v9.1.x (pre-release) not v9.2 (release). I'd be inclined to start over with a new install (update to v9.2 and then rename /storage/.kodi to /storage/.kodi-old and reboot) and then only copy back things from the older install which are really essential. As a minimum you need to update and then the correct add-ons should be used.

  • I thought I had official version installed.

    After upgrade to v9.2 everything worked. Tools installed without a glitch and my status LED is on :)