Libreelec 9.2 and HDR

  • good morning,

    I have a 4gb raspberry pi4 connected to a LG 4k HDR DOLBYVISION TV but I can't understand why, despite v 9.2 it seems enabled for HDR output etc., the HDR mode is not activated on the TV.

    I have not found anything about it, can you help me?

    thank you

  • RPi4 haardware is capable of HDR but LE (and all other RPi distros) have no "software" support for HDR at the current time. It's still being worked on and might part of the future LE10 (Kodi v19) release if things keep going at the current rate of progress. No promises though.

  • HDR will not happen in LE 9.2.x .. the development that's required for it is focussed around the LE10 codebase.