Docker + Nextcloud + External storage

  • Great, th'as up and running, now ;) The certificate is valid and my browers and other apps are happy!

    Thank you again for the help and the great job with all those docker add-ons! Sorry if I missed some information in the docs sometimes, but one can admit that there are a lot of sources of information: your website, readme files, multiple forum posts here... And some of them are outdated, so it is quite hard for a beginner to find the right information.

  • Hi,

    Now I'm facing anothher issue. I would like to access my Nextcloud instance via (for example)

    For that, I've forwarded port 2222 to port 443 on my router, as Nextcloud and letsencrypt are accessed on port 443. But it doesn't seem to be sufficient, I've got a timeout error when trying to access Nextcloud on port 2222 and even from my local network.

    Where am I wrong? Do I have to change some settings somewhere on nextcloud and/or letsencrypt? Or even to rebuild the containers?


  • Nextcloud has its own auto redirects for security purposes and you'll have to modify those in it's config file. You may have to do other stuff on the nginx side but I'm not sure.

    All of that automation was done for port 443, ymmv with a custom port