Radio streams playback freezes LibreELEC/Kodi

  • Hi all,

    Over the past several months, I've been constantly running into radio streams playback freezes with LibreELEC/Kodi. I believe it has been happening over the last few 3-4 versions of LibreELEC, starting with Kodi 17/LibreELEC 8. I am currently on LibreELEC (official): 9.2.0 / Kodi (18.5 Git:18.5-Leia).

    It happens with all radio plugins, including Radio (, TuneIn and Shoutcast2.

    Most radio stations hang, sometimes the same station hangs or works. 99% of the time I get freezes and need to reboot..

    I have noticed these older reports

    #17210 (Kodi freezes at opening internet radio statio stream) – Kodi - TRAC

    [LE 7.90.009 and 010] Kodi freezes at opening a netradio stream

    However, according to them, it should have been fixed by now.

    I have enabled debugging and recorded the attached log.

    Is anyone else experiencing this? Any thoughts/suggestions?

    Thanks a lot!