[unoffical] LE-9.2/9.80-Images for RK3229/RK3228

  • fast UI at 4k

    I wouldn't complain at all if it was slow at >= 1080p, you did an amazing job bringing those boxes back to life, it's just that it's slow on all resolutions for me even the lowest :(.

    Actually I was never able to test your builds, just the original, since USB doesn't work on them and I don't have a remote. Maybe yours are better, dunno.

  • sadly rk322x is not rpi4 :)

    so fast UI at 4k with all visual effects enabled is impossible.

    I suggest to stay at 720p for a better UI experience.

    in the meantime i managed to build an alpha version of libreelec 10.. it works quite well ... but please don't ask ETA :)


    We're waiting impatiently.

    Thank you.

  • My images contains some optimizations, and works better, but rk322x is an old soc.

    So what i meant is that to try to improve even more, i should try to overclock gpu and cpu.

    and I don't know if it makes sense to risk system stability for a gui.

    for the usb problem you could try to copy the dtb file of the image that works, and use it with my images.

    share kernel logs anyway. I'll try to take a look.


  • improve even more

    Yea, I was referring to knaerzche's images - haven't properly tested yours. It's totally not a big issue, UI is just that - UI, I found that the Pellucid skin with 720p is very usable. I'll try what you proposed in a bit when I backup this SD-card or get my hands on a new one. Cheers.

  • Code
    it's emmc. Regarding the internal hd, it can be seen from LE and you have access to it.

  • I just use it on an sd and compared to the previous build I see that I can't connect via ssh and samba files and I'm connected via wifi which looks powerful. my tv box is rk3229 V88 4k...Cheer

    Thanks for the report. I'll try to fix it in the next build.

  • markosc, I've updated only the image for v884k and v88mars.. try and let me know

    It is curious as much as the previous one and this version when I insert the rj45 cable with the wifi activated automatically I can enter through ssh and the samba share but if I restart the box or it is turned off I will not be able to enter the ssh or samba, I have to repeat the plugging process the rj45 cable

  • for the usb problem you could try to copy the dtb file of the image that works, and use it with my images

    Seems to be working fine. UI is still a bit laggy, but manageable in 720p - 25-30 fps. H264 video over smb works very well