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    it's emmc. Regarding the internal hd, it can be seen from LE and you have access to it.

    burn LE image with windisk32

    Thank you very much, follow the steps described here to install the new rom:…stalling-the-firmware.88/…ial-firmware-releases.75/

    Once this rom is installed, burn the Libreelec image provided by Vindio74 a few posts further back and enter the sd without touching the reset button.

    I meant, if once installed, you have access to a folder called firmware.
    You have the drivers folder that appears in this link:
    Does it work for you on debian ethernet and wifi? Could you pass us the firmware folder?
    Please could you send it to me too?

    Desafortunadamente la nueva imagen no arranca en mi Minix X7, mismo error que con la anterior. Captura de pantalla adjunta.

    I hope I'm not breaking any forum rules...…jO5ZnuZt/view?usp=sharing

    I have tried this version on Minix Neo x7 (RK3188) and it works (the current ones in yandex are not). The ethernet card does not work, nor the internal wifi, I had to use a wifi usb. I leave here the dmesg in case it helps to support it:

    I have created a remote to be able to use the one that came with the tv box (I attach it).

    Some facts about ethernet:

    [ 1.336009] rockchip_emac 10204000.ethernet: ARC EMAC detected with id: 0x7fd02

    [ 1.336017] rockchip_emac 10204000.ethernet: IRQ is 37

    [ 1.336054] rockchip_emac 10204000.ethernet: MAC address is now 56:f5:ff:64:71:6a

    [ 1.468098] rockchip_emac 10204000.ethernet: connected to Generic PHY phy with id 0xe000

    [ 11.538234] rockchip-pinctrl pinctrl: pin gpio3-23 already requested by 10204000.ethernet; cannot claim for serial0-0

    [ 14.641581] rockchip_emac 10204000.ethernet eth0: Link is Down

    Please, could you provide me with the link of the img that does start and indicate the dtb you use?

    VNC can work under GBM/V4L2 (there is prototype code) but it currently requires full copies of frames to be made which is compute expensive and results in high-CPU load so the FPS rate need to be deliberately hobbled to keep things sensible. For people who really MUST use VNC to remote navigate a box it sort of works (with dial-up modem framerates) but it's not a means of watching movies. I don't think anything will be made public until a more efficient way to output video is figured out.

    Wouldn't a VNC version be possible at a few FPS? The goal is to be able to move around the desktop and troubleshoot remotely, not watch videos.

    After installing armbiam, we have been able to install LibreELEC-ARMv8.aarch64-11.0-devel-20211115172918-8bd19d9-rk3328.img without problems in tv box HK1 (rk 3318) the dtb rk 3318 (it has not been possible to do it directly from Android, does not start libreelec). Hardware video decoding works fine, but Wi-Fi and bluetooth (BCM 4330) don't work, and using install2emmc produces a brick that forces the romstock to be installed. Is there any information we can contribute to help with the development?