Kodi crashes when it tries to play a .ts file

  • I have installed LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-9.2.0 on an old ACER Aspire T3-600 computer. After installation I loaded (using ssh) several .mp4 and several .ts file into sftp://[email protected]/storage/videos . When I play the mp4 files everything is fine. When I play any of the ts files the screen goes blank and after several seconds the home page appears. After enabling logging and I get a new "kodi CRASH LOG" whenever I try to play a ts file. I have attached one of these logs.

    I want to LibreELEC as a PVR with my HDhomerun. I tried tvheadend on previous installs and it worked but it produced ts files ...


  • Disable VAAPI MPEG2 acceleration in Settings->Player->Videos, you may have to increase the settings level to "Expert" to be able to do this.