Colour management

  • According to Kodi's wiki there should be a colour management option under the display settings to bring in either iCC or 3D LUT files but I don't see that anywhere even with expert turned on with Libreelec. Is this missing from Libreelec? and if so why?

  • G'day Darrow9,

    I'm only new here, however, I'm using LibreELEC 9.1.5 and its got Kodi 18.4 and I have seen the Color Management option in the System / Display / General - Dithering and directly under that is Colour Management.

    I dont have this enabled myself as this stage, as I have my TV calibrated as close as possible and colour rendition for me is fairly accurate. So I dont know if the function of loading an ICC profile is available once enabled.

    Hope it helps.



  • I got the answer on the Kodi forums:

    "Colour Management isn't supported by LibreELEC as it wasn't sufficiently stable in either Kodi 17 or 18 - using it would more often than not result in a Kodi crash.

    It will likely be removed entirely from Kodi 18.6, as it still isn't working satisfactorily, and is now no longer maintained."

  • I'd guesstimate 50% of the Kodi codebase is equally unmaintained so it's no big deal. The code might be broken if you attempt to use colour management, but as long it doesn't actually cause problems with other areas of Kodi function it's harmless to leave broken, and eventually someone will spot the issue(s) and fix them. I'm on the heretical non-coding side of Team Kodi though so my views don't always count for much :)

  • The colour management bug that caused the crash has been fixed in master and has been backported to Leia, but is not released yet.

    I've also fixed another bug that caused the automatic color primaries detection to be broken.

    This now works fine with both software decoding and VAAPI with the Linux GL renderer and is great to play back BT.2020 videos on sRGB displays.


    * LinuxRendererGL: Fix useage of glTexImage3D format was not valid by fritsch · Pull Request #17109 · xbmc/xbmc · GitHub

    * Fix Linux GL Renderer color primaries detection by felixbuenemann · Pull Request #17206 · xbmc/xbmc · GitHub

    So it would be safe to add it back to LibreELEC, provided those two line fixes are added.

    Btw. I've done some testing and the overhead is so low that you can easily decode 4K HEVC 10-Bit HDR10 BT.2020 on a low power Pentium J5005 (Gemini Lake) using VAAPI. This is much faster than the tone mapping and colour management in mpv, which really struggles on this CPU.