RPI 4 issue Bluetooth for "Now playing" information

  • Hi,

    I've made a mobile mediacenter with RPI4.

    The audio is sent to my car stereo by bluetooth.

    From this point of view it's ok.

    But, if I stream from my android phone i can see on radio display all information about file (title, author and picture)

    From RPI not working (i can skip ff & rw only), there is a way for do this?

    tnks in advance


  • The underlying pulseaudio/bluez combo has no way of knowing what is playing via Kodi. it simply consumes the data that Kodi sends to pulseaudio.

  • Hi,

    tnks for the answer... but..

    I've spent a lot of time on google...

    Just for undertand if i found a right information on the net...

    1) Pulse audio, support metadata information.

    2) the chain is Kodi --> Pulseaudio --> my receiver

    So the problem is: kodi don't send metadata to pulse audio, right?

    ther in no way to do this? (add on, trik...?)

    tnks in advance