Is LE fully usable on NUC6CAY?

  • Hello.

    It's been a while, I still find LE on my NUC6CAY semi-usable. My current issues:

    • Playing DD+ files results in missing center channel.
      The only way to work around this is to turn on AC3 transcoding but this is causing other issues and sometimes audio does not work at all unless I bring back the non transcoding configuration (besides the fact that it's pretty much a bummer to transcode DTS to lower bitrate AC3...)
    • HD audio results in audio glitches due to what seems to be missing samples (audio disappears for a brief period)
    • 4K is not really usable. The GUI is very very sluggish, I have to manually switch in order to support 4K videos.

    Running 9.2.0 vanilla (didn't do any customization)

    Would appreciate your assistance if there are known solutions for these issues