Not official LE version for rk3328\rk3399

  • These are not official test images for the RK33xx platform.

    After writing the image, you must correctly configure the DTB used in the file (extlinux/extlinux.conf).

    Version 20191125 kernel 5.

    Images rk3328 and r3399 are universal, when starting from USB media images are interchangeable (the only difference is used for the image u-boot and UART console output settings). Tar archives for updating are also universal.

    Note that the new generic images now use a single download directory.

  • Hi

    Testing on RockPi 4 RK3399


    - Mpeg2, H264

    Not working

    - Wifi, bluetooth (Is working on Manjaro Linux with 5.3 kernel)

    - 10 Bit Color H264/H265

    - Fractional frequencies 23.976, 29.97, 59.94hz not available

    - HDR

    - SD Xvid/Divx videos have corrupted blocks during playback

    What is the new Boot Android from emmc options?

  • If in Manjaro did not change the kernel (did not add patches), in the kernel everything should be enough (you can try to take DTB from their image). WiFi requires several elements. Try adding firmware (you may need your own options for Rock PI 4). I don't have this equipment, I can't help you with finding bugs. Do not pay attention to the options, they do not work yet (designed for AML).

  • Trying to install in TinkerBoard. Gave an incompatibility error and did not update...