Raspi 4 - slow wireless

  • Hello together,

    I bought a "Raspberry PI 4 - 4GB" and installed the latest Libreelec image "RPi4.arm-9.1.502.img.gz".

    I have a Fritzbox 7520 and the signal is in my living room quite good. With my Samsung Galaxy S10 I have a good speed from 40 Mbps -> 4MB.

    With the Respberry PI I archived max. 2MB (checked with arnubox), this is to less for Amazon Prime (stuttering).

    I also found an old Fritz Box USB Wlan stick, but it does not work plug and play. The hardware id is: "Self install Stick FRITZ! WLAN selfinstall USB Device - IDE\CDROMFRITZ!_WLAN_SELFINSTALL_________________ - awdit - The driver, software, & hardware database".

    The PI should be for my girlfriend and she have no possibility to connect the PI via LAN.

    Do you know a good stick which one I can plug in and it will work and improve the speed min 10MB for Prime?

    What do you think about this: "%product-title% kaufen".

    Alternative we thought to buy the Amazon prime stick 4K, install Kodi and connect the HDD to the fritz box but the Raspberry would be the preferred solution.

    Thank you guys

  • Other users currently have WLAN issues on RPi 4, too: fresh install raspberry pi 4 5ghz wifi not working

    I have no good experience when I use a small WiFi USB dongle instead of the integrated WiFi (RPi 3B+). It's no stable connection.

    If you really want go the RPi 4 way, use a large WiFi dongle with an antenna. Be sure that it's Linux compatible.

    If WLAN has to be stable out-of-the-box, then the brand new Nvidia Shield TV 2019 is a good 4K Kodi device, too.

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  • Hello Together,

    I got the Wlan stick "TP-Link TL-WN821N WLAN" (Linux compatible) from my friend to test.

    I tried it with my personal Raspberry PI 3B+ and the latest Libreelec version.


    PI Wlan: 1.26 Mbits

    PI and the TP Link: 5.09 Mbits

    PI LAN: 46.61 Mbits

    Windows 10 (same room), TP Link: 48.80 Mbits

    Galaxy S10 (same room): 47.10 Mbits

    Is it possible that the USB ports will throttle the Wlan speed?

    For people with only WLAN option maybe it makes more sense to use a different device than the Pi.

    Thank you

  • Don't think so, I use the exact same tp link WiFi adapter on one of my pi's and I get around 35mbits.

    This is also a couple of rooms away from my Internet router.

    I also use a pi3 with built in WiFi which is located in the bedroom above the Internet router and that gets around 28mbits.

    And that works perfect.

    At the other end of the house is our bedroom which struggles with signal, I tried WiFi extenders etc but they was all useless.

    I went with homplugs in the end for that room

  • Thank you guys for your responses.

    I tried the TP Link wireless adapter with the Raspberry Pi 4 on both USB slots -> 2.0 and 3.0, with the same result.

    So in the end I ordered a Fire TV Stick 4K from Amazon and the build in dual lane wireless adapter works amazing (same room and setup).

    For me personally its now the best streaming solution at the moment, because everything works smooth based on Android.

    You have the option to use Prime Video or Netflix natively and the codecs support is just incredible (industry).

    Its a little bit sad that also the Pi 4 in comparison price / quality is not nearly as good as the Prime Stick 4k for streaming.

    Maybe if you use additional Linux tools like Pihole etc on the same device and you have wired connection than its also good option (Pi 4).