RPI4 on Libreelec 9.1.502 thumbnail/pictures problems

  • Can you try adding cma=128M to the end of /flash/cmdline.txt (with a space between "quiet" and "cma...")? You can also try with cma=64M.

    This, in combination with gpu_mem=192 allowed me to view the 60Mpix file on a RPi4 with 1GB total_mem.

    Software decode seems to work fine, but it needs quite a lot of memory (I saw kodi jumping up to almost 400MB resident size during image loading (but then it quickly dropped back to saner levels).

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  • CMA=64M seem to work just fine with GPU_MEM=192M. (CMA=128M crashed)

    Also with the test picture and my "real" pictures.

    I'll keep my setup running and update here on any findings.

    Thanks for the efforts.:)

  • Just an update.

    No problems since i set CMA=64M on cmdline.txt

    I also tried the default GPU_MEM=320 and its works fine also.

    So sum things up in order to fix the problem on default setup is just add CMA=64M on cmdline.txt file (under /flash/)

  • Hey thanks for your update, but it is not fixing my problem, still freeze after boot or if iam entering movies and he loads the library...

  • hagaygo thanks for reporting back!

    I've had a chat with the RPi devs and the CMA issue is quite an odd thing - in theory the CMA size shouldn't matter at all, but your and our tests showed otherwise. Could be a linux kernel issue or we are missing some subtle thing.

    Anyways, using cma=64M (or even cma=48M) should be safe with Kodi 18 (with Kodi 19 probably not). Even 32M could work on a HD (1920x1080) screen, though that's very marginal (checked here with a 1920x1200 screen and it was a tad too low and kodi didn't start).

    Other than that: reducing gpu_mem (to 256 or 192 - though that'll probably cause issues when trying to play 4k videos) or adding a bit of swap (256MB or so) should also help on 1GB RPi4 models.

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