Problems with EAC3 on Pi4 and Kodi 18.4

  • Hi guys!

    I'd like to get some input concerning my audio problem. Here it goes:

    I switched from PC with mediaportal to RPi4 and LibreELEC 9.1 with Kodi 18.4. Everything works fine so far. The only thing that is not working is the EAC3 output. My setup looks like this:

    RPi4---hdmi---4K Audio Extractor---hdmi---TV

    From the audio extractor it goes via optical SPDIF to my denon 5.1 reciever (DD & DTS capable, but no HD codecs ans not HDMI connectors) This is the extractor:

    I have the following settings:

    channels: 5.1

    output device: HDMI

    passthrough: on

    pass of DTS: on

    pass of DD: on

    pass of DD+ off

    whe I play DTS and DD/AC3 files the sound is as usual. With newer EAC3/DD+ files I only get silent background music. My reciever doesn't register anything, it stays on 5.1ch with no DD.

    Is there a way to downmix DD+ directly to DD or PWM?

    Please advice and thank you!

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