D-link dwa-121 USB wifi dongle supported?

  • Hi,

    Running LE 9 on Rpi2, but need to go wifi. I just got a D-link Dwa-121 sub eifi dongle, but on LE start I can't see any wifi connections available? Is this stick supported or is there anything I can do?

  • Most D-Link should work out of the box, so it might be something else. As it's a small dongle it's range is severely limited. Try moving the RPi closer to the router and see if that helps (Not always possible). Also try another port... anything is possible.

    Also provide the URL from:

    dmesg | paste


    lsusb | paste

  • The model number is irrelevant. You need to tell us the chipset inside the device. Then we can onfirm it's yet-another shitty realtek chipset that we're not going to add more broken realtek drivers for (which is usually how things pan out).

  • It is a Realtek chip, but after update on wired connection to latest 9.2 version it started working fine.

    So it is supported, luckily. remians to be seen how stable the connection is. I can't get any wires in my mother's house to the Rpi.